Holtz Associates, LLC
Who we are
Founded by Margaret Holtz in 2005, Holtz Associates is an Alexandria, Virginia based small business that specializes in strategic communications supporting corporate, governmental and international clientele.
Communications strategies are only effective when developed within the local cultural context, informed by the input of key stakeholders, and implemented by community leaders. No single methodology can deliver the right solution for all environments all of the time; rather, research into existing communications networks and preferences must guide development of the appropriate strategy for each specific intervention. Holtz Associates takes pride in providing the correct strategy, regardless of context, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to contingencies.
Holtz Associates believes in the potential of motivated individuals and empowered community networks to effect positive change. Our approach is founded upon:
  • Core Guiding Principles
  • Research-Driven Strategies
  • Culturally and Contextually Appropriate Tactics
  • Measurable Results
  • Contact Info
    Holtz Associates, LLC
    207 East Mason Avenue
    Alexandria, VA 22301
    office: (703) 549-5954
    mobile: (703) 473-8870